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Short on rent ~ I have a few commissions currently to do so I'll get right on those but prices are:

Full body Colour ~ £15 - $25
Chibi Colour ~ £10 - $20 

Check my gallery for my work but I'll probably post pictures here. I do have a commission widget on my page though :) 
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The hall was silent, all eyes on me. The students were lined up on either side of the hall, many of them tying to hide behind others. I'm sure Bellona's informed them of my true identity.
I'm a little intimidated but I won't let this show. I ready myself and enter the building, my legs wobbling slightly as I'm overcome with the atmosphere this hall holds.
“Ah Bellona, this is a wonderful welcome party you've arranged.” I steady myself and smile at her. She picked this place well, she knew I'd be at a disadvantage. I need to get her out of the cathedral.
She chuckles slightly. “As cocky as ever. I'm glad you recognise my hard work.” She's holding her cane, stroking it slightly. “I knew you would be here sooner or later after Rei's betrayal.”
“Yes, she's troublesome that one.” I pat my stomach. “She was able to deal me some minor damage, she's quite feisty.”
I hear a shout from the crowd. I look around to see Tana, she had managed to push herself to the front and Melody was close behind.
“You can't do anything bad to Rei! I don't care who you are, Rei's my best friend in the whole world! You know how hard it was to lose Yuna, now I feel that pain!”
Melody quickly grabs her wrist and pulls her back slightly, she was obviously a little afraid of what I might do. She never trusted me to begin with.
“Oh that's right Melody, you're a prefect aren't you? Trying to protect the foolish children who are at risk of angering me?” I point at Tana and smile. “I have no use for Tana. In fact, it makes me almost happy to see her suffering.”
I glance behind me before walking towards the crowd, Lottie was still by the door. I'm not sure she's ever been in the cathedral so the shock might be too much for her.
I take Tana away from Melody's grip and into mine, pulling her close. She struggles but I'm stronger than her even in a place like this. Melody runs after her but stops, remembering who I am.
“I know you never liked me Melody, but if you don't heal my wound I might just have to dispose of this girl here.” I create a fireball in my free hand and hold it close to Tana's face.
Melody looks up at Bellona who shakes her head, staring daggers at me. She smacks her cane down on the bannister.
“I never thought you'd resort to taking hostages, Lucifer.” She begins to make her way down the stairs, all attention is on her each and every step. “I thought that was something Lottie would be more likely to do.”
I peek back at Lottie who gives me an apologetic smile before evaporating. She'd reached her limit after all due to that healing spell. This was bad. It would be difficult to take down Kerovan on my own.
“What happened to your little friend? Was she too afraid?” Bellona's patronising voice made my blood boil. I bring the fireball even closer to Tana's face so that she squeals a little.
“She would never be afraid of someone like you.” I push Tana down and she scrambles to join Melody, hiding behind her back. I tut a little, so much for that bravery I saw moments ago.
I slowly begin to emit fire from my entire body as Bellona gets closer. Several of the students scream in shock or fear, even in Kerovan students aren't used to people being engulfed in flames.
“Holy water won't work on me this time you old hag. I'm wise to your ways. I've come to shut you down Bellona, you've been plotting and scheming. We never agreed on this, it's time you were stopped. We can start again somewhere new, with someone who will keep their part of the deal.”
“I've kept my side of the deal. I provided you with students and housed you here, I could of killed you much earlier on.” Bellona's eyes were full of fire, and not just from my reflection. They were eyes eager for battle.
“Wait... what did you just say?” This time it was Melody to speak. “You handed over those students to Luci? To... Lucifer?”
“Yes child, that was the plan all along. They were indeed going to a better place, I never lied to you. After all, isn't heaven the most righteous place of all?”
Melody looks at her in disbelief. She probably trusted Bellona the same way Rei did, somewhere along the line Bellona got twisted. To be honest, she must have been slightly crazy to start Kerovan in the first place. A nun who agrees to hand students over to the devil? It might be hard to find someone like her again.
I rub my head a little. Luci was nagging away at me again, I still had slight feelings for this school even though I had unpleasant times here. I had made friends with Melody and Tana and here I was threatening them. I guess it can't be helped, if they get in the way I can't just ignore them.
Bellona chuckles. “Are you really that surprised, child? I thought you perfects were beginning to suss everything out.” She stops in front of me and taps her cane on the ground a few times.
“We... we had our doubts but nothing like this!” Melody turns to me. “You took Rei with you... did you... is she dead?”
I stare at her, thinking over my response. I could say that I've killed Rei to spite her, however I'm not sure what that would achieve apart from a moment of glee on my part.
“No. I mean, I was planning on killing her but she escaped. They all escaped.” I turn my attention back to Bellona. “However, they've only escaped from their cells. They're still trapped in the dungeons I'm sure. Lottie's probably dealing with them as we speak.” In the back of my mind I was a little worried that Lottie would do something drastic.
Bellona began to circle me, swinging her cane about joyfully. “Lottie sure was a handful. To be honest, it's her fault we're in this predicament right now.” She points her cane at me. “I shall be the victor here Lucifer. I refuse to let my school turn to ash.”
“How will you stop me?” I smirk. Bellona only appeared to have her cane with her, as well as being surrounded by nuns and students. Perhaps she thought having numbers would make me feel at a disadvantage but humans can burn. “I could destroy this building in one large blast if I wanted to.”
“Then do it.” She smiles at me.
I hesitate and glance back at Melody and Tana. Melody looked as if someone had destroyed her entire world, and I guess in some sense they have. Myself and Bellona are to blame for that.
I don't particularly want to burn down the entire building with the students inside. Their powers could be useful but there is no where near enough room in the dungeons.
I spin around to face the crowd. “Children of man. Even someone as cruel as me doesn't wish for you all to burn, the smell would be most unpleasant. Instead, I'm going to transport you safely away.” Melody was about to protest but I snap my fingers and they vanish.
“W...what have you done with them?” I turn back around to face Bellona, she was obviously shocked but was trying to hide it.
“Where do you think?” I lick my lips slightly, making the flames grow bigger around me. There was no reason to hold back now.
The students were now out of the building. In fact, they weren't even in this realm any more. I'd sent them down to the land I call home. I'm positive Lottie will sense the magical disturbance and track them down, they shouldn't be too far away from the castle.
My flames were almost touching the ceiling. This was impressive even on my counts considering my powers aren't even at their fullest inside here. Bellona takes a step backwards and I could hear worried whispers coming from the nuns on the balcony.
“Do you really want to do this the hard way, Bellona? I could scorch down this entire village, burn everything. I could make this world look like mine, is that what you want?” My flames began twisting and merging, slowly taking form of a giant serpent. I could see fear in Bellona's eyes, she takes another step backwards.
“W...why would you want to do such a thing?” She grips on her cane, the white of her knuckles showing.
“Why?” I laugh, such a stupid question. “It's fun? It's what I do? Perhaps it's something to do with the fact I'm Lucifer? A fallen angel who doesn't want to be banished to the pits of hell forever. I'd rather roam around the earth causing trouble and disbelief.”  
“That's why you need to be stopped! I only ever agreed to start this school in order to destroy you. We left it too long thinking perhaps you would never regain your true identity.” She begins slowly making her way up the stairs, her fixated on mine. It was like a mouse and a lion, one wrong move and the lion would pounce on its prey.
“There's no way you can stop me now, Bellona!” I move my arms towards Bellona and the fire serpent begins charging. She runs up the stairs and shouts at the nuns, they pull a leaver.
The ground begins to shake and I look up as the ceiling begins to open. Bellona and the nuns began scurrying off into another room as a large container turns, spilling out a clear liquid. Crap.
I diminish my flames and make a run for the door. They're locked. The water would soon reach the floor, I'd used up most of my magic. I turn around and back hard on the doors, I stand still for a moment before clicking my fingers and teleport away just as a burning sensation comes across my back.
I land in the village, I rip off my dress and throw it on the ground. It's no use, the water had soaked into my bandages. I fall to the ground, coughing up blood. Not only was my back burning but my wound from earlier had reopened.
Bellona had been stalling or perhaps just toying with me. I'm thankful I had just enough magic to get away, I would of died. Where they got that much holy water from I had no idea.
I find myself unable to move, I see someone running towards me but it's hard to make out who through blurred vision. They try to help me up but I'm beginning to lose control of my body. I try to make out who it is.
They were wearing blue, a blue dress. I try to focus on her face and could make out a headdress... a nun? She lifts me up and onto her back as I slip into darkness.
The Wild Flame - Chapter Eleven
I did previously post this but took it down almost after cuz I realized there was a mistake in there <X'D Ahahaha. But it's all fixed now ~ I hope you enjoy! 
I ... do not like .... this new layout ... =_= 
My local anime shop are holding a like and share competiton on Facebook to win a Fate Figma from Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha. They are 97 likes away from 1000 when they'll announce the winner. Please check them out on facebook as well as their online shop ~ Please support the shop! They are very important to me >_<

To enter just type Komikku into facebook. Find the like and share image, like the page and share the image :) SUPPORT THE SHOP! lol 

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Lottie should be awake soon if she wasn't already, hopefully some food will be prepared shortly. I walk into a rather grand looking bathroom and lock the door behind myself.
I throw my dress and bandages onto the ground before getting into the shower, the water began to run automatically as it sensed my presence. The warm water felt good against my skin. I caress my markings, the brand of a fallen angel.
Kerovan needs to go. It's purpose has been fulfilled and I don't think we'll require any more powers as our library is quite full. Bellona shouldn't be allowed to act the way she is, plotting to kill me was not part of the deal. She needed to be dealt with.
I step out of the shower and wrap a towel around my body. I dry my hair with a gust of wind before brushing it with a comb. Today would be a productive day, however it would also be risky. Bellona could be expecting an attack so we would have to be careful.
I get changed back into my dress, subconsciously wrapping the bandages around my body first. I wouldn't want Yuna to see these, it would mean her death for certain.
I walk out into the corridor before being knocked backwards by a small girl. I steady myself only to find my floating abilities have finally returned. Lottie was rubbing her head, when she realised it was me she quickly apologised.
“I'm so sorry Lucifer, I wasn't looking where I was going. When I didn't find you in your bed I panicked and thought you'd left me.”
I put a hand on her head and smile. “I wouldn't leave you on purpose, unless I had a very good reason to.” I remove my hand and lean against the wall, my arms crossed.
“We need to remove Kerovan from the picture. Bellona is using the students as weapons against me. She's gone behind our backs, she got cocky and it cost us.”
“Remove Kerovan?! But what about harvesting powers?”
“I'd like to have more but if Kerovan proves to be a threat we can't carry on. We can always start again somewhere else.”
“It took so much effort to create that school! Maybe this was her plan from the beginning ...” Lottie stops floating so her feat touch the ground.
“I think this is the case. We thought we were using her but in fact it was the other way around. I can't believe you didn't notice this.”
I begin walking down the hall and into the ability library once again. Right at the back of the hall behind many shelves is a portal. This takes you to Kerovan, straight to Bellona's office. We had designed it this way so we could have meetings with her regularly, even though it puts quite a strain on beings who weren't born with powers.
Lottie was one of these people. She learned magic from the elders at a young age, so travelling through the portal puts a strain on her body yet she did this countless times to collect students as well as check up on me.
“Are we going … right now?” She asks, a little weakly.
“No. Just you. I need to go and collect Yuna, she's coming with us. You go ahead to check out the area, if there's any sign of danger that you can't handle then come back.”
Lottie nods and jumps through the purple mist, she was gone. Either she would arrive safely on the other side or there was a trap waiting for her. I'm sure she'd be fine, she's not one to underestimate.
I quickly make my way back to the dungeons to find an unexpected site. The draining machine was off, the cells were open and the guards lay unconscious on the floor. Rei and Yuna stood in front of the throne backed by the other prisoners.
“How did you do this?” I ask, honestly curious. I would of thought this was far beneath them. “Did you betray me, Yuna?”
“At first... I thought this would be ok, this life with you but then I saw Rei and decided it was wrong. I freed everyone!” She shouts at me.
It looks like my memory spell wasn't as effective as first thought. This would prove quite troublesome and we didn't have much time, Lottie had already gone through the portal.
“Yuna, I now came to take you back to Kerovan. Isn't that what you want?” I step forwards a little but they don't budge at all.
“I want us all to go back. I want you to come back, Luci!” Yuna moves a little behind Rei.
“You finally have Yuna, so why can't go just go back to normal?” This time Rei speaks, her skin was burnt. Yuna must of stopped the machine just in time, this means that we now have the majority of Rei's powers and she's still standing. How interesting.
“I only ever wanted Yuna. I hate the rest of you.” I run forwards. Rei swings at me with a spear which she must of taken from a guard. I jump up into the air with ease and float above them. “Nice try.” I close my eyes and laugh.
I fall to the ground as a piercing pain emits from my stomach. Rei had thrown that stupid spear, it was foolish of me to let my guard down. “Wow, I can't believe you actually did that.”
I stand up and remove the weapon, grimacing slightly. “You've ruined my dress... that's rather rude of you.” Blood had started to seep out of the wound, making weird shapes on the black material.
“I'm sorry but it's all I could think of!” She shouts, shielding Yuna slightly.
I walk over to them, once hand clasped over the wound. It's impressive that Yuna had managed to set everyone free on her own, as well as defeat the guards. It was almost as if she'd found a hidden strength.
I fall to my knees, becoming light headed. I stare up at the two girls, they looked determined yet frightened at the same time. The strength in humans was at its fullest when faced with danger.
“Yuna... do you want to see me dead?” I try to look at her through blurred vision, she was almost directly behind Rei now.
“No... I would never want to see Luci die.” She pauses and hides her face behind Rei's shoulders. “I wouldn't mind seeing Lucifer die though...”
These words surprise me, making me lose focus. Yuna hated me as I currently was so much, that she wanted me dead. It was hard to accept such feelings from such a loving girl.
I smile at her, trying not to show my pain. “That's something I never expected out of you. You hate me so much you want me dead?” I cough a little, blood begins to drip down my chin.
“I hate Lucifer. I love Luci.”
“We're the same person Yuna! Why can't you except that?!” I stand up, my legs swaying slightly. This was bad. Rei must of hit something vital.
“You're not the same person at all...” She's now fully behind Rei so that all I can see are her tiny hands and blonde hair. “I wish I knew how to bring you back.”
This is who I am. Luci was the fake me in some sense, but we're still the same person. I have all the memories of my time at Kerovan but perhaps my feelings had shifted.
I stop to think and stare at the floor. Lottie was currently in the human realm waiting for me, I couldn't let this stop me. What did she mean to me? She was a friend from a early time in my life and nothing more. Yuna was more than that.
“What if... what if I erased my memories again? Would you be happy?” I say, not looking up at her.
There's no response.
“Think it over. Before I do such a stupid action, Kerovan needs to be dealt with.” I turn my back and begin heading towards the ability library.
My wound was troublesome. It was taking me a great deal of effort to remain standing. As I enter the library I take a quick glance at the jars. We had no healing powers, they were as rare as they come.
I'm positive Melody would never heal me again. She always seemed reluctant to in the past anyway, I'd just have to deal with this myself or perhaps Lottie knew of something.
I reach the portal and step through it, the sensation of shifting realms made my head spin. It wouldn't normally have any effect on me but as I had an injury the trip wasn't too pleasant.
I land on the floor of Bellona's office. Lottie rushes up to me and gasps as she sees my wound. The room is empty, thankfully.
“What happened?!” Her face was full of concern and fear.
“The prisoners escaped. Yuna set them free... Rei attacked me. I'll deal with them later, there's no way they can get through to the portal either. I'm glad we designed it to not let humans through, no matter how powerful they are.” I wipe away the blood on my chin, only to cough up more.
“I... I don't think I can heal this completely. I can at least stop the bleeding... for now.” Lottie places her hands on my stomach and emits a strong light.
The bleeding began to slow and clot, I'm thankful Lottie had briefly studied healing but it's the most challenging form of magic. She was truly gifted when it came to spells.
She stops, panting a little. To pass through the portal and then perform a healing spell must have been hard on her. I'm sure she was reaching her limit.
It bothered me slightly that Bellona wasn't in her office, as lucky as it was. I was certain she would be here plotting my demise. I stand up, using Lottie as leverage and begin to formulate a plan.
“We'll need to find Bellona. If we destroy a weed at its roots than it can no longer grow, we need to get rid of the person in charge. She's probably well protected, there's an alarm system I'm sure.”
“I'm sure we can deal with a few old nuns. Bellona is the only real threat in this building, everyone just follows her orders like dogs.” Lottie glides over to the door and peers out. “It's clear.”
This doesn't make me feel any better. For Maya to also not be in her office was unsettling, something big must be happening.
Lottie pushes open the door and I follow, the numb feeling in my stomach reminds me to not let my guard down. I could handle a spear wound but if I got splashed with an excessive amount of holy water, that would be me finished.
“Where the hell are they?” I whisper bitterly.
“I can't sense them nearby either. They could be in the cathedral, I can't sense any students so there could be an assembly.”
That's all we had to go on so we didn't have many choices. I take a look at Lottie, her skin was even paler with fatigue. I couldn't ask her to teleport us and I wasn't in a fit state to do it myself. We'd have to run.
I burst out of the doors and down the many flights of stairs, not waiting to see if Lottie was keeping up. As I exit the dormitories I kick off from the ground, hovering slightly above it. This would get us there in a matter of moments, the courtyard to the cathedral was a flat area with little obstacles.
I reach the doors and touch down on the ground, Lottie caught up behind me. That familiar feeling of nausea began to creep over me as I stood outside. I stroked the wooden doors trying to get to grips with it.
“What's wrong?” Lottie edges closer to me.
“Doesn't this place effect you at all?”
Lottie stops for a moment and stares up at the building. “It does seem a little daunting...” She hides a little behind my back as I fumble the door handles.
I take a deep breath and shove open the heavy doors, a gust of wind runs through the building making everyone look over at us. Bellona was as the far end surrounded by many nuns, smiling wildly.
“Welcome back child, I won't let you escape this time.”
The Wild Flame - Chapter Ten
Gonna start bringing this to a close soon. I'm thinking 13-15 chapters for this maybe, don't want to drag it out for more than necessary :) 


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Short on rent ~ I have a few commissions currently to do so I'll get right on those but prices are:

Full body Colour ~ £15 - $25
Chibi Colour ~ £10 - $20 

Check my gallery for my work but I'll probably post pictures here. I do have a commission widget on my page though :) 
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